White Camel Awards: 1999 Recipients

Perl White Camel Awards 1999

Sponsors O'Reilly & Associates and SourceXchange.

Perl User Groups - Adam Turoff

Adam Turoff is a charter member of the first Perl user group, NY.pm, and helped to create Perl Mongers. He went on to start another Perl user group in Philadelphia and to encourage the formation of many other user groups. He has been one of Perl Mongers' most vocal supporters and made possible its free web and mailing list services, which are provided to over 150 user groups.

Perl Community - Kevin Lenzo

Kevin Lenzo created and sponsored the first Yet Another Perl Conference (YAPC) to provide a low-cost, grassroots conference for the Perl community. He led a small group of volunteers who organized a successful conference for 200 people. YAPC has encouraged the Perl community to provide more events on an intimate scale and we look forward to Kevin's YAPC 2000.

Perl Advocacy - Tom Christiansen

Tom Christiansen has been a Perl evangelist and developer since Perl's initial release in 1987. He is responsible for much of the documentation that is provided free-of-charge with the standard Perl distribution. He has an eagle's eye for finding who's talking about Perl and responds instantly to anyone treating Perl unfairly. He is tireless in his support and one of the reasons that Perl is as good as it is.