White Camel Awards: 2000 Recipients

Perl White Camel Awards 2000

Sponsors O'Reilly & Associates, Stonehenge Consulting Services, Inc., MindSource, Collab.net, WorkSpot, and OpenAvenue

Perl Advocacy - Chris Nandor

Chris Nandor is one of the leading advocates of Perl. Besides his regular Perl News column available on the Web, in email, and in the print and Web editions of The Perl Journal and maintaining the community discussion site use.perl.org, he is the leading advocate of MacPerl, ported by Matthias Neeracher. Chris is the author of the perlport manual page which gives Perl developers a guide to writing portable code.

Perl User Groups - Elaine Ashton

Elaine Ashton has been active in Perl Mongers almost since its beginning. She has been involved in the New York, St. Louis, and Boston Perl user groups which were some of the first user groups to get started. She donated time and resources which have been invaluable in helping to establish other new user groups, and she has hosted large user group meetings and social events at her home.

Perl Community - Nat Torkington

Nat Torkington has been involved in many areas of Perl besides his many technical contributions. He's a major contributor to the core Perl documentation and the Perl FAQ, senior editor of The Perl Journal, moderator of the Perl advocacy mailing list (among others), and has been the program chair for The Perl Conference in 1999 and 2000. Nat is the coauthor of The Perl Cookbook from O'Reilly & Associates.