White Camel Awards: 2002 Recipients

Perl White Camel Awards 2002

Sponsors O'Reilly & Associates

Graham Barr

Graham Barr is the creator of the popular search interface for the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN). Graham has been quietly running the search.cpan.org website for years, providing a service that thousands of Perl users rely upon every day. Graham recently released an updated interface to this website, making it even more useful.

Dr. Tim Maher

Dr. Tim Maher started and leads the Seattle Perl Users Group (SPUG), one of the very first Perl users groups. Since 1998, Tim's efforts with SPUG have kept it one of the most vibrant and active groups anywhere in the Perl community. Tim has also been instrumental in keeping SPUG a friendly place for beginners to come and learn Perl, encouraging everyone to share what they learn about Perl with the group.

Tim Vroom

Tim Vroom is the creator of PerlMonks, a popular community website for Perl users. PerlMonks, a website designed for the "seekers of Perl wisdom", is a welcoming place for participants to ask questions, post observations, and submit code for the community to discuss and use. Tim has been been running and improving PerlMonks since 1999, and has made it a very important resource for Perl users.