White Camel Awards: 2006 Recipients

Perl White Camel Awards 2006

Jay Hannah

Jay Hannah keeps Perl Mongers user groups running. Perl Mongers started by providing free web hosting, domain names, mailing lists, and other central services to make it as easy as possible for new user groups to start and to attract Perl hackers in their area. The maintenance of these services has always been a thankless job, and the Perl community is fortunate that Jay Hannah keeps it working.

Josh McAdams

Josh McAdams, the host of Perlcast has made quite the name for himself since he exploded into Perl community about two years ago when he was in Arkansas and started Perlcast, the first regular podcast about Perl. Since then, he's interviewed Perl luminaries as well as people connected to the Perl community and re-vitalized the Chicago Perl Mongers.

Randal Schwartz

Randal Schwartz has been involved with Perl since its early days. Randal has been a tireless advocate of Perl and the community of Perl, and his philosophy of giving back to the community is the epitome of the White Camel.