White Camel Awards: 2013 Recipients

Perl White Camel Awards 2013

Perl Community: Thiago Rondon

If you're doing Perl in Brasil, you probably know "maluco". Not only does he run multiple business with heavy doses of Perl, but he was the leader of the São Paulo Perl mongers and the organizer of the Brasilian versions of the Perl Advent calendars, called Equinócio, which the local community runs twice a year. He's also the creator of OpenData-BR, which uses Perl to illuminate government spending data.

Perl User Groups: Fred Moyer

Fred Moyer has been a fixture in the San Francisco and Bay area Perl community for years, and is the current leader of the San Francisco Perl mongers. He's always experimenting with new ways to get people involved with the local community, even if that means inviting people over to his house, manning a booth at a conference, or setting up other events. The community wouldn't be where it is today without the hard work of local organizers.

Perl Conferences: Wendy and Liz

If you go to enough Perl conferences, especially in Europe, you will eventually cross paths with this pair of Dutch women. You may have seen their collection of hundreds of Perl books, heard the outrageous sums of money they offer at conference auctions, or been the recipient of their quiet (and not so quiet) kindness and attention at workshops, hackathons, YAPCs, FOSDEM, and many other events. Perl is a glue language, and Wendy and Liz are glue for the Perl community. Curiously, many people immediately thought of Wendy and Liz as worthy recipients and we were surprised at the number of "no" votes in Mob Rater. It turns out Wendy was stuffing the ballot box to not get the award. That's too bad; no good deed goes unpunished.