White Camel Awards: 2015 Recipients

Perl White Camel Awards 2015

Perl User Groups - Chris Prather

Chris Prather, also known as perigrin, has been a tireless community leader for the Orlando Perl mongers and a conference organizer for Perl Oasis, YAPC::NA 2011 in Ashville, and YAPC::NA 2014 in Orlando.

Perl Advocacy - Sawyer X

You can hardly go to a Perl conference (or Amsterdam X Perl mongers) without hearing Sawyer X talk about the wonders of the Perl community (e.g. The Joy in What We Do). He writes the Perl 5 Porters weekly summaries and has been a driving force in the Dancer community. No matter where he shows up, in person or online, he's been the shining light of kindness and helpfulness that makes the Perl community a nice place to move bits around.

Perl Community - Steffen Müller

Steffen Müller, also known as tsee, has done quite a bit of technical work for the Perl community, but he's one of the people helping with the non-technical aspects in too many ways to mention. He's especially stood out in recent years with his work through Booking.com, writing for their technical blog and being a driving force behind Booking.com's generous donations to The Core Maintenance Fund.